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Smiths Detection Launches Wireless Communications for Threat Detection Systems

Smiths Detection today launched a new wireless communication system to improve both situational awareness and early-warning response to chemical attacks or threats detected by its suite of chemical sensors.

Sensa-LINX easily integrates into Smiths Detection’s chemical warfare agent and toxic industrial chemical sensors used in military and emergency response applications. It also enables deployed sensors to be controlled remotely and to transmit data such as detection results to a Command and Control (C2) post.

Andrew Lee, Vice President of Sales for Integrated Systems, said: “The release of Sensa-LINX is a milestone for Smiths Detection’s range of military and emergency response solutions. Integrating wireless communications with threat detection improves situational awareness, CONOPS and communications. It simultaneously helps provide a timely response while minimizing risks and loss associated with changing threats. We will continue to invest in Sensa- LINX technology to expand its capabilities for future integrated applications needed by militaries and emergency responders around the world.”

Ideal for perimeter protection, surveillance and reconnaissance, event protection and incident response, Sensa-LINX can be deployed around a perimeter to continuously transmit georeferenced data to a C2 base station. Currently it can be integrated with chemical detectors including the LCD-NEXUS and LCD 3.3, the most widely deployed wearable threat detector in the world. The system is also ruggedized to operate in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

For Sensa-LINX’s technical specifications, please visit: http://www.smithsdetection.com/sensalinx.php