Seven-Year-Old Boy Honored by FDNY


By Matthew Deluca

New York, NY -The city Fire Commissioner Thursday honored a 7-year-old Brooklyn boy for bravely helping to rescue his ill mother – and she beamed with pride for her little protector.

“Drew was scared as we’d all be at that age,” FDNY Commish Salvatore Cassano said as he presented Drew Champagnie with a Junior EMT certificate for his heads-up call to 911 when his mother suffered a seizure Wednesday morning.

“But he knew the information to get the EMTs and paramedics there to save his mom’s life.”

His mother, Doris Champagnie-Gilkes, who recovered after FDNY paramedics took her to a local hospital, gushed with gratitude for her cool-as-ice third-grader.

“He stays by me all the time,” she said of her boy.

Champagnie-Gilkes, 47, who suffers from high-blood pressure, diabetes, and seizures, lives alone in Cypress Hills with her son, who was taught by his uncle, a city paramedic, how to react if his mother ever fell ill.

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