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Crash Recovery System Available For Apple iPad

Moditech Rescue Solutions today announced the release of a new application for the Apple iPad, available in the Apple App Store shortly. This new app brings the well-known and widely used Crash Recovery System to the iOS platform.

This new application, known as iCRS, allows emergency responders to access vital vehicle data to allow for a safe and fast extrication. It displays interactive schematics showing the location of all rescue relevant vehicle equipment (airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, batteries, alternative propulsion systems, reinforcements) of a specific vehicle. If necessary the user can select individual components and additional information and photos will be displayed. Parts of the vehicle such as the roof, the side, or the seats can be hidden if necessary.

The iCRS app takes full advantage of the form and functionality of the iPad. Turning the iPad will also rotate the information displayed on the screen. In addition it is also possible to zoom into the high-resolution vehicle graphics if necessary.

iCRS contains a complete database of all mass-production vehicles available with at least one airbag. All sorts of alternatively fueled vehicles, such as Hybrid and Electric vehicles are also covered in the comprehensive database.

Moditech’s Crash Recovery System has been available for a variety of Windows operating systems and is used by fire and rescue services worldwide. “We received several requests from fire services currently considering the use of mass-production tablet PCs. This was when we decided to start the development of iCRS” says Jan Mooij, owner of Moditech Rescue Solutions. “We are excited to be able to offer emergency response professionals new technology to assist them in the life-saving situations they face every day. Our commitment is to offer applications that simplify the use of vehicle data and improve extrication and the response to other incidents. For the long-term we would like to make our valuable vehicle information available on all common operating systems.”

iCRS will first be available on the Apple App Store in the United States in early October. Other markets will follow subsequently.

ABOUT Moditech Rescue Solutions

Moditech Rescue Solutions BV is a dynamic IT service provider based in the Netherlands. Moditech is specialized in development and implementation of mobile information systems for emergency responders.

The Crash Recovery System, which is sold around the world, is one of the core products. Moditech maintains a close cooperation with the vehicle manufactures and their organizations, to make sure that the data for all mass-production vehicles with airbags is available in the Crash Recovery System. Moditech’s experts from the rescue and vehicle technology industry are subsequently working on the preparation of this information for use on the scene of the accident. The results are uniform and interactive vehicle graphics with comprehensive background information.

In addition Moditech provides consultancy for vehicle manufacturers on vehicle rescue related matters and provides new vehicle technology training for emergency responders all over the world.