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Firefighters Won’t Fight BC Fires if Property Owners Ignore Fees

The Watch Lake-North Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department in central British Columbia, Canada, will no longer extinguish fires at properties where owners have not paid their fire protection annual fee, according to a report in the Globe and Mail.

About 20 percent of properties in the area protected by the department have outstanding fees thus far in 2011. When firefighters arrive at a property for which the fee hasn’t been paid, the owner can sign a form agreeing to pay $1,000 an hour for the department to douse the flames. Since this new policy went into effect in late August, firefighters have yet to respond to a call at a home where the property owner has not paid the annual fee.

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This situation is reminiscent of a 2010 incident in Tennessee in which firefighters refused to extinguish a fire because the homeowner hadn’t paid their fire fee. Read more HERE.