Firefighter Training, Firefighting, Leadership

Excellence in the Fire Service

Issue 10 and Volume 164.

BY PAUL H. STEIN AND ETTORE BERARDINELLI We thoroughly enjoyed our years in the fire service, and as we look back on our careers, we both believe that some of our best times were the assignments we served as training officers. Think about it. The drill tower experience is usually the very first contact recruits have with the rigors and traditions of the fire service and is definitely their initial contact with the culture and philosophy of your fire department. As training officers, we participated and watched as these recruits developed the skills that would enable them to become reliable team members. Toward the end of the training period, we got to see the joy in the faces of the successful recruits who survived the rigorous and demanding training, knowing that we had a part in preparing them for an exciting and rewarding career in the fire service—the same career…

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