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The Arc Flash Hazard and Changes to NFPA 70E

Causes and consequences of arc flash are examined, with emphasis on historical data, real accidents, body burn and non-FR vs. FR clothing. Highlights include new HD Super Slo Motion video of arc flashes on real 480V equipment with clothed manikins in typical working positions, leading to a significant leap in understanding the arc flash hazard.

Arcs from 0.6 up to 40+ cals will be shown.

Hazard analysis and FR clothing performance testing will also be discussed, focusing on the quantification of incident energy and ATPV (or Arc Rating). Changes to NFPA 70E 2012 will be reviewed.


: December 1, 2011
TIME: 2:00PM EST – 1:00PM CST – 11:00AM PST
DURATION: 1 hour


About Scott Margolin:

Prior to joining Westex in 2000, Margolin was a firefighter for six years, and then spent 10 years at a major multinational chemical company working in two of their flame resistant fiber businesses, including four years leading the flash fire segment. He has conducted over 3,200 flash fires and 1,100 arc flashes in labs in the United States, Canada and Europe; among this research is groundbreaking work creating arcs in real equipment and utilizing high speed, super slow motion cameras to analyze arc flash and PPE performance. Scott has presented these topics at seminars around the world including North and South America, Europe, Russia and Australia, and is a member of numerous NFPA and ASTM committees, including 2112, F-18, and F-23.