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Get Tactical With Your Fitness

Issue 12 and Volume 164.

BY RYAN PROVENCHER and CHRISTIAN CARSON Many exercise programs build general physical preparedness, but is being “generally fit” enough to meet the demands of a firefighter’s job? Athletes in any sport require a certain level of general physical preparedness, but what separates the pros from the weekend warriors is sport-specific training. Baseball players practice baseball, swimmers swim, and firefighters fight fire. How do you implement a “sport-specific” training program for firefighters without having to drag charged hoselines around in full gear and pull all of the ceilings out of the fire station? Let’s consider what we may be called on to do. Moving people from awkward positions, dragging charged hoselines, pulling ceilings, swinging axes, carrying people, and climbing stairs and ladders are common tasks. Now, consider that we do these things with the added weight of our gear, heat stress, and the inherent pressure of an emergency incident. How can…

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