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Advice to Young Firefighters, Part 4

Issue 12 and Volume 164.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI In the past several columns, we have presented some typical advice that might assist young firefighters in their preparation to effectively and safely operate during hazard-zone operations. We have discussed the current experience drain in our service and how that process has caused officers to now be promoted at a younger and younger age. When this occurs, veterans, like me, write columns giving the young and restless advice. Such senior pontificating is a little (or a lot) like saying: “Don’t touch the stove. It’s hot!” I know when I was the age of the firefighters to whom this column is directed, I generally listened to the advice and then summarily touched the stove. It generally takes awhile to get your listening/paying attention/learning skills to catch up with your touching skills. I really believe that the folks who typically become firefighters are “touch the stove”-kind of guys/gals. This…

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