Firefighter Training, Firefighting, Technical Rescue

(November 2011)

Issue 12 and Volume 164.

Safety reminders necessary I read Editor in Chief Bobby Halton’s “Brown M&M’s” (Editor’s Opinion, Fire Engineering, July 2011) with great interest. I found it to be very interesting and funny at times, but mostly it was downright serious. I am a level II fire instructor at the Middlesex County (NJ) Fire Academy, where I am involved in teaching four Firefighter I classes throughout the year. Each new class of recruits is an adventure, to say the least. Halton’s points in reference to the basics hit the nail on the head perfectly! In the limited time we have for each class lecture or practical drill, we constantly remind the recruits to do the basic things on the fireground: “put your helmet strap on,” “get your eye protection on,” “put on your gloves,” “keep your helmet on while on the fireground” (even if it is 90°F out in a summer class), “buckle…

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