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Training Scars Potentially Fatal Wounds

Issue 12 and Volume 164.

BY BOBBY HALTON Tragically, performing the difficult and dangerous work of firefighting often results in scars and sometimes fatal wounds. This is the reality of our profession. We sometimes receive scars from our training, from both the formal settings and our on-the-job training. It is difficult to recognize these scars, as our training is often crafted to make us successful in the context of the training. Our on-the-job training often provides us with tricks of the trade, so to speak, or behavioral patterns that enable us to get our work done when under extreme time pressure and stress. The problem occurs when the context of the training does not mirror the reality of our work or the ingrained behavioral pattern is incorrect and has not yet resulted in a tragedy. A tragic example of formal training that fatally wounded occurred on April 6, 1970, when four young California Highway Patrolmen…

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