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Four Injured in Chicago (IL) Building Collapse

Four people were injured when a three-story building partially collapsed Tuesday afternoon in Chicago, Illinois.

The collapse victims were transported in fair to good condition to local medical facilities, according to a news report from WLS-TV (

The building, which was originally constructed in the 1880s, has been vacant for 20 years. Falling debris from the structure injured people on the street and two others caught under scaffolding.

Firefighters removed the victims and searched for a fifth victim who was suspected to be buried under the rubble. The fire department believes years of neglect led to the collapse.

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Robert Hoff cited the fact that a tree had grown through the building’s roof and that the structure was dangerous and needed to be taken down.

The presence of scaffolding at scenes of emergency incidents can often lead to complications for firefighters at the scene. Dan Sheridan writes about the effects of scaffolds in Scaffolding on Buildings and its Effects on Firefighting Operations.