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TN Firefighters Injured After Being Struck in Crash

Two volunteer firefighters who were trying to extinguish a roadside grass fire were injured in a deadly vehicle crash Monday night in Fayette County, Tennessee.

A pick-up truck into the volunteer firefighters’ truck, killing the driver and sending his wife to a medical facility.

The apparatus that was struck was a large pumper belonging to the Braden Volunteer Fire Department. Normally the department’s brush truck would have been used to battle a brush fire, but it was out of service. The Braden fire chief told ( that he thought if the brush truck would have been at the scene, it would’ve afforded the firefighters less protection from the crash and they might have been killed.

Both firefighters have been upgraded to good condition and are expected to survive their injuries.

Ensuring scene safety when responding to incidents near roadways, including brush fires and vehicle extrication operations, is essential for firefighter safety. Read more about scene safety and other issues of motor vehicle accidents in Mike Ciampo’s On Fire column, “Learning from Experience.”