The Fire Service Code of Honor

Issue 2 and Volume 165.

BY BOBBY HALTON The term ethics has been defined as a system of moral principles, as in the ethics of a culture. It is also recognized as the accepted rules of conduct for a particular group. When someone speaks of the “ethics of a culture,” the reference is to the culture’s moral principles and values. Ethics is also an avenue of study in philosophy, dealing with the values related to human behavior. Philosophers studying ethics would be concerned about how a behavior is viewed—good or bad, right or wrong—in relation to the values and principles expressed by a particular group or organization. To be sure, adherence to higher ethical behavior and principles has defined the fire service for its 200-plus-year history. The question has recently arisen: Do the ethics of the fire service need to be reinforced or perhaps defined and recommitted to by the current practitioners of the art…

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