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Kansas City (MO) Plan Would Cut More Than 100 Firefighters

Kansas City (MO) officials have put forth a plan that would cut more than 100 firefighter positions through buyouts.

According to a report from the local FOX affiliate (, Kansas City Manager Troy Schulte says public safety would not be affected by the cuts because fire calls have dropped by nearly 60 percent over the past decade.

The cuts would also reduce the number of firefighters making up a responding crew from four to three.

Reduced staffing is a major concern in the U.S. fire service, especially in light of the budget constraints imposed on municipalities in the current economic climate. For more on this issue, consider Are We Short-Staffed or Just Short-Sighted, First-In Tactics: Dealing with Limited Staffing, and Accepted Practices: Taking the Best and Leaving the Rest. Also, consider Scott Joerger’s series on firefighters trying to save an engine company endangered by budget cuts.