Five Children Hospitalized in Cleveland (OH) Fire

Five children were taken to the hospital after a Monday night house fire in Cleveland, Ohio.

Firefighters found heavy smoke coming from the house when they arrived at the scene. According to a report on FOX 8 (, firefighters initially thought the house was vacant when they arrived on scene because there was so little furniture in the house.

Crews went into the third floor attic and found a 2-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. As they attempted to bring the victims out of the home, the firefighter carrying the boy fell through the stairs, however he was able to get free and complete the rescue.

Investigators are trying to confirm a report that a child was playing with matches earlier in the day at the home.

Six children were home at the time of the fire. A 13-year-old sibling was able to get three of the children out of the home after smelling smoke. Three of the four siblings who escaped the home were transported for possible smoke inhalation.

No word on the condition of the rescued victims is currently available.