D.C. Firefighter on Administrative Leave for Wrong Logo

Tensions continue to simmer in the D.C. fire department as a firefighter was placed on administrative leave for wearing the wrong logo on his jacket. Among other controversies in the department is conflict over changes to the department’s uniforms and logo; the chief is reportedly trying to change the traditional “DCFD” logo to include the words “Fire and EMS.”

This incident comes at a time when things seems to be escalating between firefighters and management. A Washington Times report yesterday discussed how D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe was seeking to demote a battalion chief for his reportedly lax discipline in a episode in which beer was found in a fire station fridge.

In addition to these imbroglios, line firefighters have protested against the chief’s proposed schedule changes. Chief Ellerbe has said he wants to change firefighters’ work schedules from a 24-72 system to a 3-3-3 system, a move that would reportedly save the fire department millions over the course of several years.

Video from WTTG.