Injured Tulsa Firefighter Goes Back to Work

A Tulsa (OK) firefighter who was injured while battling a house fire on New Year’s Eve has returned to work.

James O’Neal, a 14-year veteran, was injured after smoke seeped into his air mask, according to a KJRH report ( He collapsed and was revived at the scene, then spent for days at an area medical facility.

An investigation into how the smoke penetrated the mask is ongoing.

The components of combustion are deadly and pose a serious risk to firefighters on the fireground. In fire smoke, hydrogen cyanide can be up to 35 times more toxic than carbon monoxide,ii an underappreciated risk that can cause severe injury or death within minutes, as noted in an article by the Fire Smoke Coalition. Growing awareness about the toxicity of fire smoke in recent years has lead to a renewed focus on air management and other smoke safety practices in the fire service.

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