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Morphix Technologies Offers Chameleon Training Kit to Training Facilities

Morphix Technologies, a producer of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, has created a training kit for law enforcement, responder and agency training facilities and schools in response to the increasing need for chemical awareness training. With a rise in illegal drug and chemical production, toxic chemical spills due to industrial or transportation accidents and chemical suicides, more officer and responder training programs include courses that provide critical knowledge on chemical scenarios and how to respond to them.

Often times, protocols include officers and responders alerting hazmat teams to the scene, but do not provide the initial responders with tools to identify whether or not odorless, toxic gases are indeed present within the perimeter or beyond. The Chameleon Training Kit, used during training, helps initial responders learn to identify the presence of toxic chemicals through a training Chameleon armband with special inactive cassettes that show the difference between unaffected cassettes and cassettes that read a chemical in the environment. Also included in the kit are blue training cassettes (50 total) and ammonia ampoules that enable the instructor to demonstrate, in a well-ventilated area, how the cassettes change color when exposed to a chemical.

Responders learn how to use the Chameleon Training Kit and find that it is as simple as removing one of the grey cassettes from the Chameleon armband and replacing it with one of the blue training cassettes. The Chameleon can then be put over the forearm or attached to a vest with hook and loop. The trainer then demonstrates how a “real world” color change would occur by breaking one of the ammonia ampoules and waving it underneath the training cassette.  The training really is that simple.  If the cassette changes from a solid color to two colors, the Chameleon has detected a hazardous level of toxic gas and it’s time to leave the scene.

The Chameleon has more potential to save an officer’s life in the first critical moments in the presence of an airborne toxic chemical than all the body armor in the world. The Training Kit is identical to the Chameleon system and it shows officers how quickly and easily they can configure their Chameleon and put it on in less than a minute.

Any training school or facility that incorporates the Chameleon Training Kit into their chemical awareness program will receive 15 percent off a Chameleon Training Kit by calling the Morphix customer service department at 800-808-2234 and mentioning code TRAINER2012.

Chameleon Kits are available in three different configurations: HazMat Detection, Chemical Suicide Detection and Clan-Meth Lab Detection.

More information can be found at www.morphtec.com.