FDIC International, Firefighting

Using Crew Resource Management to Reduce Accidents

Issue 3 and Volume 165.

By Craig Nelson I used to be an airline pilot with big dreams of a six-figure salary and world travel. I spent my days screaming across the sky at 40,000 feet until September 11, 2001, happened. My life changed overnight, along with many others’ whose change cost much more than mine did; I lost only a career. Before I left that career, though, I became familiar with Crew Resource Management (CRM), a method of operating that improves safety and performance for people who work as crews in high-performance and high-consequence environments. The airlines began discussing CRM back in the early 1980s because air crash investigations found that more than 70 percent of crashes involved one common cause: human factors. Imagine putting a number on how many lives you can save in a high-consequence environment by finding out that there is one common cause of the majority of your incidents and…

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