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The Quickstop to Debut at FDIC 2012

The Quickstop is a new multi-functioning fire sprinkler tool that will be debuting at FDIC 2012 in Indianapolis. A simple yet revolutionary design allows it to stop more types of sprinkler heads than any other tool on the market. It is the only tool that stops the flow of water from broken, damaged, activated, and sheared sprinkler heads. The Quickstop is also the only tool that can shut down multiple heads with a single tool. Most importantly, it allows the buildings entire fire protection system to remain functional while other tools would require the system to be shut down.


  • Reduces on scene times for fire crews.
  • One tool shuts down multiple heads.
  • Decreases department liability of replacing fire sprinkler heads.
  • No more having to leave sprinkler tools at scene.
  • Saves fresh water and reduces toxic water from entering drains and the ocean.
  • Reduces building materials in local landfills due to unnecessary water damages
  • Greatly improves public safety by allowing the buildings fire protection system to remain intact when it would have otherwise been shut down.

For more information, visit www.quickstoptool.com.