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Rescue Ventilation Tactic Tests

Issue 4 and Volume 165.

BY CHRISTIAN EMRICH This article describes the outcome of research in Germany concerning the different technical and tactical possibilities of positive pressure ventilation (PPV). A variety of opinions exist globally on the best strategy to fight fire and address the production of heat and toxic smoke. A research project at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany, in 2008 and 2009 analyzed the three fan technologies (conventional, turbo, and straight-stream airflow) to determine the highest efficiency. Based on the results of tests performed in hot and cold conditions, the research group developed the recommended tactic: rescue ventilation. This tactic makes the use of the fans at fires much easier and much more efficient. In addition, it enhances firefighter safety, expedites victim search, and reduces structural damage. The use of fans is one of the most controversial topics in firefighting. There are different opinions and different tactical designations [e.g., positive…

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