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New Tool Design from Parker Chelsea to Aid Power

Power density is what you will find in the Chelsea 590 Series P.T.O. The coaxial designed rear mount P.T.O. provides you with a compact housing that helps you eliminate clearance issues. This new P.T.O. was designed specifically for the new Allison TC10 transmission. High capacity bearings and superior gear designs provide you with torque ratings up to 660 Lbs. ft. or 900 Nm for the ultimate performance. The superior design of this P.T.O. provides you with all the power you will need so there is no need to de-rate the P.T.O. for continuous applications. The 590 Series is a clutch pack design which allows for easy engagement with no gear clashing. The four direct mount pump flange options come standard with our Wet Spline design and provide you with increased P.T.O. and pump shaft life. Versatility, power, ease of maintenance and installation are why the 590 Series is the only choice for your vocational truck requirements. For more information, visit the company’s website at