FDIC International

Spartan Chassis Introduces Next Generation R XO Crossover Chassis at FDIC

Spartan Chassis, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc., today announced the debut of their R XO crossover, a chassis cab/concept. Offering best-in-class clearance, performance and maneuverability, the R XO will be on display at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), April 19-21
in the Spartan Chassis booth (#2403), and by appointment following the tradeshow.

Spartan Chassis, in conjunction with Renault Trucks Defense SA – an operating unit of
Volvo Governmental Sales – is bringing the R XO chassis to FDIC to review the
applicability of the current configuration and to better understand what modifications meet
the needs of the North American market.

“The Spartan R XO gives our OEMs a great commercial platform to build on, which will enable them to further fulfill end-user needs,” said Dennis Schneider, president of Spartan Emergency Response.

“The R XO is a crossover. While many departments desire off-road capabilities, they currently can’t afford it. The R XO’s affordability will enable departments to ‘crossover’ and make the purchase. On-road or off-road, the R XO is there to serve.”

The Spartan R XO boasts a number of industry-leading features, including:

• Clearance height (17 inches)
• Turning radius (23.4 feet)
• Gradient angle (32 degrees tilt test performance)
• Angle of approach (37 degrees)
• Angle of departure (36 degrees)
• 183-inch wheelbase for improved maneuverability
• Up to six passenger seating
• 60mm steel roll cage

Schneider said the Spartan R XO is fitted with a proprietary Flashover Protection System,
which offers occupants potential lifesaving protection in the event of a flashover. The
system consists of fire protected cables and hoses, an emergency air supply in the cab
and eight strategically placed nozzles – powered by secondary electrical and water
sources – to protect the fuel tank/line, tires, windows and windshield from excessive heat
and flames.

“The breadth and depth of the Spartan Chassis portfolio is unmatched,” said Schneider.

“Furthermore, the relationship between Spartan and Renault Trucks Defense SA is clear
validation of Spartan’s new global strategy, which is based upon forging innovative
products and partnerships around the world.”

The Volvo Governmental sales unit and Renault Trucks Defense are known for their
design and engineering prowess and have been developing forward-thinking automotive
products and concepts for more than a century and Volvo Governmental sales is looking
to establish a larger footprint in the North American market.

“Spartan Chassis and Volvo Governmental Sales are leaders in global technology and
innovation,” said Stefano Chmielewski, head of Volvo Governmental sales. “By working
together we see the opportunity to build the world’s toughest, most reliable emergency
response products – adaptable to meet the needs of first responders around the globe.”

For more information on Spartan Chassis products, visit www.spartanchassis.com.