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RAE Systems Offers the ProRAE Guardian at FDIC 2012

ProRAE Guardian

All Your Data. Right Here. Right Now.

Featured at FDIC 2012 is the ProRAE Guardian, which represents an advanced generation of real-time wireless threat detection solutions from RAE Systems. Available now, the software program serves as a “mobile command center” for safety managers and incident commanders by connecting and relaying data from RAE Systems AreaRAE family and select third party wireless products to remote locations anywhere in the world.

ProRAE Guardian accepts real-time detector data and instantly displays device status, alarm, and sensor reading information – all integrated on a single map display. Because ProRAE Guardian is always on and always connected, geographically dispersed teams can coordinate threat responses while simultaneously viewing the same situational data, all in real time.

Key Features

    * A “mobile command center” for safety managers and incident commanders
    * Real-time view of all RAE Systems and select 3rd-party wireless instruments
    * Simultaneously monitor up to 500 instruments
    * Cascade mode allows readings from multiple sites to be aggregated onto one dynamic map display
    * View real-time data from anywhere in the world
    * Supports continuous [24/7/365] monitoring applications
    * Support for multiple communication protocols
    * Always on, always connected
    * Reliable and field-proven
    * New UI with easy-to-use graphical displays
    * XML & MODBUS interface for easy integration into 3rd party systems
    * Integrated Google Maps, ESRI map engine, Tiger Maps, and MXD map support
    * View map and multiple instrument readings simultaneously on the same display

See more and view screenshots at www.raesystems.eu/products/prorae-guardian.