Extrication Zone, Firefighting

Responding to Incidents Involving the Chevrolet Volt

Issue 5 and Volume 165.

By JASON EMERY, KEITH SCHULTZ, and CHRIS PEPLER Emergency responders will begin to respond to more crashes involving electrically propelled vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Volt, highlighting the need for firefighters to learn more about how electric vehicles function and the necessary response procedures. Fortunately, many of the principles and procedures that responders have learned previously for hybrid electric vehicles also apply to the Volt. This article focuses on the Volt, its systems, and emergency response procedures. The 2011 Chevrolet Volt (photo 1) was launched in select U.S. markets (including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, metro New York City, and metro Washington DC) in November 2010 and is the first of a new generation of electric vehicles (EVs) with extended range capability. The Volt was released across the United States in 2011. (1) Photos by author unless otherwise noted. IDENTIFICATION The Volt has several external and internal features that will…

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