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Heatseeker Recognized in Popular Science Magazine

Heatseeker Technology & Design has been chosen by Popular Science Magazine as one of its top inventions of the year for 2012. Popular Science has tested and reviewed hundreds of inventions and they have chosen the SixShooter, designed by Michael Robinson CEO of Heatseeker Technology & Design, as one of the top inventions of the year. With the arrival of hot weather, it is time to outfit your department with units for each apparatus in your fleet. Heatseeker Technology & Design provides an affordable and easy to setup tool that provides cooling options for frontline firefighters who’s core body temperatures can reach levels of 104°F and higher during structural firefighting activities. Provide your troops with another rehab option to get them back in the game quicker and more suited to continue work. With its ability to lower air temperatures up to 30 °F and its ability to move from a discharge on the pump to a romote location on the end of a hoseline at a formal rehab area to any other appliance away from the unit and the action, the SixShooter is a must have for any department in the world. Order your’s today at