Increasing the Odds for a Successful Rescue

Issue 6 and Volume 165.

BY MARK vonAppen On December 6, 2010, the crew of Long Beach (CA) Fire Department (LBFD) Engine 11 (E-11) responded to a residential fire with a two-year-old boy trapped. This article examines the actions of E-11’s crew and offers insight into the factors that made this incident end as it did. This incident is a reminder that each call has its unique aspects, is affected by circumstance, and often comes perilously close to turning out differently, whether an uplifting or a heartrending conclusion. ENGINE 11 A heavy early-morning mist hung on East Market Street as E-11 returned to Station 11. The station’s engine and rescue had been running hard all day. As the crew finished setting up the equipment for the next run, they headed to the dorm to try to get some rest. (1) Smoke was issuing from a second-story window on the arrival of Engine 11. [Photos courtesy…

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