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Attend NVFC Health and Wellness Webinars

It’s International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week, and this week is all about focusing on what you and your department can do to improve or enhance your safety and health initiatives. This special Safety and Health Week issue of the Dispatch is dedicated to articles, resources, success stories, and more all focused on safety, health, and survival.

The theme of this year’s Safety and Health Week is Rules You Can LIVE By. Use this week to focus on how your department can implement the Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Health and the Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Survival/Incident Commander’s Rules of Engagement for Firefighter Safety. Find resources for safety, health, and survival, as well as event planning materials on the Safety and Health Week web site at

Take part in International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week by participating in two free health and wellness webinars this week. Encourage all department members to attend as part of your Safety and Health Week activities. Register now by going to and clicking on ‘Upcoming Sessions.’

Overcoming Wellness and Fitness Barriers in the Fire Service: A Study by Johns Hopkins University
Tuesday, June 19 – 2:00 pm ET
Johns Hopkins University and the National Volunteer Fire Council have collaborated on a three-year research project to study health interventions in firefighters in Maryland. Participate in a one-hour webinar that will provide insight into the focus group feedback, barriers to wellness and fitness in the fire service, and how some departments have developed creative solutions to their wellness and fitness challenges.

FULL INVOLVEMENT: Firing Up Your Program
Wednesday, June 20 – 2:00 pm ET
This course helps firefighters take the lead as a Health and Wellness Advocate by establishing a sound action plan for their department’s Wellness Program. Participants will learn strategies to ignite full involvement — from their officers to their community — in the support and success of the program. This includes building a wellness team, creating an annual plan, establishing methods of gathering and evaluating data, and securing sponsors to support the health and wellness program. The webinar is sponsored by Scott Safety.