Fire Prevention & Protection

Foundation Focuses on Keeping Dogs Safe

By Debra Jo Chiapuzio

Dog safety is comes in many forms and starts from the day you bring your little ball of fur home. The beauty of learning is that there is something constantly new to learn. While working with a nonprofit organization that focused on pets and their safety, it seemed the goal was always to learn how to protect our pets from harm.

The Emma Zen Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on pet oxygen masks and fires and fire safety. Fire safety for pets can entail things such as:

  • Having working smoke detectors in your home and pet alert stickers on your doors and windows.
  •  Putting together a neighborhood pet count program and working with your local animal shelter and/or local disaster preparedness team.

Fires are one thing, but what about wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters? The Emma Zen Foundatoin suggests making sure everyone knew the fundamental, basic/intermediate/advance safety protocol that could help you and your pet avoid or be prepared for an emergency.

The Foundation also came up with Safety Games, games we play based on behavior actions we could foresee us needing our dog to respond to in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster that your area may be subject to. In California, where the foundation is located, there are earthquakes. These games can help our dogs learn such lifesaving actions as diving under the table in case of an earthquake, for example. They can also teach fun, helpful ways for our dogs to respond to fire and smoke alarms.

These categories include but are not limited to the items listed below.

Basic Safety:

1. Veterinarian care

2. Proper feeding

3. Exercise

4. Bathing

5. Nail trimming

6. Teeth cleaning

7.  Vehicle transportation and restraints


Intermediate Safety:

1.  Getting down on all fours and doggie proofing your environment.

2.  Educating yourself on what to plant in your yard.

3.  Knowing what may be hazardous in your garage.

4.  Knowing what environmental hazards may be in an area. Especially if you travel with your pet

5.  Basic and Advance Obedience Training

Even if you have a pet that obeys your every command, dogs learn and maintain that knowledge through consistency. A strong SIT/STAY/COME command could save your pet in a case of emergency. Besides giving your pet the repetition they require, the concept of safety games will keep your pet learning something new, and a challenged pet can makes a happy pet.

Advancde Safety:

1.  Emergency preparedness kits. Being prepared for natural disasters.

2.  Pet first aid kits and pet first aid training! According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) 25 percent more pets would survive if at least one technique was applied prior to getting veterinary treatment.

3.  Making sure your fire department is equipped to save your pets life! Pet oxygen masks and pet-specific training are two conditions the foundation is establishing in our area and teaching others to establish in theirs.

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