First Successful DMR Tier III Interoperability Testing

The Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association announced the first successful completion of DMR Tier III interoperability testing. This test took place using Tait Communications trunking infrastructure and Hytera terminals at the Tait facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The completion of these tests brings DMR Tier III and an additional manufacturer, Tait Communications, into the DMR IOP process. This further demonstrates the commitment of DMR suppliers to the well established DMR testing process.  Testing took place in March 2012 with the formal review and approval of the results taking place during May/June 2012.

Tom Mockridge (Motorola Solutions), chair of the DMR Association Technical Working Group said “completion of the DMR Association’s first set of interoperability tests for Tier III trunking functionality further demonstrates DMR’s success and marks a significant milestone for DMR. Purchasers of DMR equipment now have a broad choice of vendors committed to interoperability over a wide range of service types, conventional, simulcast and now trunked.  With the large number of additional manufacturers expected to bring interoperable DMR products to market in coming months, the position of DMR as the PMR industry standard of choice for professional users is very clear.”

DMR Tier III Mandatory features tested were: Registration, single site talk group voice call service, individual voice call service using OACSU on single frequency pair, individual voice call service on single site using OACSU, individual voice call service on single site using FOACSU, control channel hunting, short data message (text) on single site.

DMR Tier III Optional features tested in the session were: Multisite talk group voice call service, individual multisite voice call service using OACSU and FOACSU and multisite short data messages.

View the DMR Association IOPcertifications for these sessions here.