Functional Fireground Accountability, Part 2: Tools and Technologies

Issue 7 and Volume 165.

BY DAN MILLER AND CHRIS LANGLOIS Part 1 was published in the June 2012 issue. Part 1 discussed the foundation of an accountability system—the basic structure to which you can add additional tools and technology to build a system geared to your department. As noted in Part 1, tools and technology cannot replace a good organizational accountability system, but they can enhance and complement your overall accountability system. Some of these tools and technologies are discussed below. • Personnel tags. Many departments are already using some type of basic or advanced personnel tag or passport system. Tags can identify which firefighters are part of a specific crew during an emergency. Individual personnel tags may be attached to an apparatus accountability ring or board to reflect the individuals assigned to that apparatus/crew at that particular incident. If at any time the incident commander (IC) wants to identify the individuals assigned to…

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