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Online Course Helps Demonstrate Impact of Fire Prevention

A new, free, online course for fire prevention practitioners will help them gain an understanding of how to demonstrate the value and results of fire prevention programs. Showing evidence of a program’s impact and outcomes is critical in today’s challenging fiscal climate and this online course will cover the tools to use in providing evidence for the value of fire prevention programs in making a community safe and sustainable.
Performance Measurement & Evaluation is a six-module course that provides fire prevention practitioners with an understanding of evaluation measures that demonstrate the results of their programs and was developed by a national panel of fire prevention and education experts.  By using this system, fire safety practitioners can make the case for the value of fire prevention programs as an important part of a fire department.  The course is in alignment with the new National Fire Academy course “Demonstrating Your Fire Prevention Program’s Worth” and intended to serve as an introduction or refresher for the model evaluation measurement concepts.
In these trying economic times, the need to demonstrate results for fire prevention programs has never been greater.  It is a critical element in advocating for the continuation of vital prevention efforts at all levels.
Performance Measurement & Evaluation was developed by the Vision 20/20 project as part of a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to the Institution of Fire Engineers — USA Branch.