Chicago Firefighter Helps Rescue Baby from Lake

An off-duty Chicago firefighter saved a baby who fell into Lake Michigan, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

A lady with a baby strapped in a stroller was standing at the 31st Street Harbor near where Lt. Steve O’Malley, an off-duty firefighter, was working on his boat.

As O’Malley returned from his car to retrieve some tools, he heard the woman screaming that her baby was in the water.

O’Malley said he dropped the cellphone and dived into the water right behind the baby’s father. He saw the stroller positioned sideways in the water and grabbed the yellow T-shirt of the infant he believed to be about 1 year old. The father grabbed the stroller while O’Malley held onto the baby’s T-shirt and both men were able to keep the stroller above water while swimming to a nearby ladder leading out of the water.

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