D4H Announces Esri as Mapping Partner

Decisions [D4H] Multi-award winning emergency response team management software has just announced Esri as their new mapping partners. A huge leap for the Dublin based Software Company as Esri are one of the biggest and most well respected commercial providers of advanced mapping services in the world.

A big move away from the consumer Bing and Google offerings, Esri ArcGIS Online will give the [D4H] Crew the ability to build upon their unique mapping platform allowing innovation that will help save more lives, reduce production-line downtime, and offer precise prevention campaigns.

For the last four years, since its inception, [D4H] has stormed the world of emergency response with their product. The software provider now boasts over 20,000 responders using their cloud-based system and with this new Esri partnership it’s safe to say that the future looks bright for their innovative crew.