Firefighter Training

Paratech Partners with the Illinois Fire Services Institute

Frankfort, IL – Paratech Inc., in conjunction with the Illinois Fire Services Institute (IFSI), is hosting its second Paratech University heavy rescue event at Paratech’s facilities in Frankfort, IL August 20th through August 22nd, 2012. The event, spearheaded by Paratech’s Project Coordinator, Nigel Letherby, is attracting firefighters and military personnel from many parts of the United States and Canada as it offers hands-on experience on real life heavy rescue accident scenarios. Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation from Paratech as well as 16 hours’ credit toward continuing education at IFSI for the training to be received on the last two days of the event.

The overwhelming and enthusiastic response from those that participated in the first event this past May, illustrated the great desire and importance that our rescue personnel give to training and to increasing their existing knowledge of techniques and equipment.

Paratech’s Project Coordinator, Nigel Letherby, states, “I am so glad that we are able to offer this training in a way that the departments’ out-of-pocket is minimal–many departments are limited in terms of funding for training and this event allows the firefighters to work on different scenarios with the equipment at length and without time constrictions.” Regarding the first event, Nigel Letherby states, “With so many departments from all over, there was a wealth of combined expertise and we all benefited greatly from each other’s experiences.”

For more information, visit or contact Nigel Letherby at (815) 325-1886 or Imelda Macías at (815) 931-2391.