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Michigan Mayor Faces Jail for Grant Refusal

A suburban Detroit mayor could go to jail for refusing to accept an $8.1-million federal grant to recall laid-off firefighters, reports Detroit Free Press.

Wayne County (Mich.) Circuit Judge Kathleen Macdonald ordered Taylor Mayor Jeffrey Lamarand on Monday to accept the two-year Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. If he refuses, he is to appear in a Detroit courtroom Friday for a contempt hearing that could lead to jail time, officials said.

“I’m preparing for the possibility of that,” Lamarand told the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday.
Macdonald is the second judge to order the mayor to accept the grant, which would allow the city to recall some of the 32 laid-off firefighters; eight have already returned to work unrelated to the grant.

Lamarand said Taylor doesn’t have the money to pay the non-federal share of costs associated with the grant — a requirement to take the money.

“This is my standpoint,” he said. “I’m not complying because I basically look at this as this is requesting me to falsify this process.”

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