VA Fire Department Dissolved

Firefighters of the Speedwell Volunteer Fire Department in Wythe County, Virginia, were ordered to turn in all their firefighting gear Wednesday.

Wythe County officials decided Wednesday morning to dissolve the volunteer department and reorganize it. Residents were surprised by the move, according to a report from WDBJ7.com (http://bit.ly/SsboOs).

Alfred Rosenbaum loves being a firefighter. He says he was chief of the Speedwell Volunteer Fire Department. “It was real hard. I’ve been in it since 1985,” Rosenbaum explained to us.

Wednesday afternoon, volunteer firefighters were handing over their helmets, turnout gear, radios, and other equipment.

The locks were changed at the station. A court injunction was posted barring firefighters from the building.

Officials claim the move was necessitated by several factors, including firefighters lacking any formal training, financial problems, and other issues.

Neighboring departments will provide emergency services until the department is reorganized, which is expected to take about a month.

For more details, visit http://bit.ly/SsboOs.