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Battalion 3 Technologies Brings ICx to Fire Service

After several months of continued testing and development, Battalion 3 Technologies, LLC is announcing the release of their much anticipated incident command and accountability product, ICx. This software as a product is being hailed as a sophisticated, yet simple to use, solution for incident commanders in the fire service.

Battalion 3 Technologies, LLC (Batt3) is a recent start-up company founded by fire service incident commanders and municipal technology experts. The initial founding goal was to create software for fire department personnel that is intuitive, sophisticated, but simple to use.  With their years of actual incident command experience, the founding members feel that they were the perfect people to bring these types of solutions to market. “I know from experience” says Co-Founder/CEO and Fire Battalion Chief Lee Holbrook, “that if a program is tough to use in a stressful situation, it’ll get tossed out of the command post and we’ll go back to pencil and paper.” He feels strongly that ICx is command post simple.

Batt3 Co-Founder/CMO and Fire Battalion Chief John Morrison agrees. “When this product was conceptualized we were guided by knowledge that incident commanders face challenging scenes, and the last thing they would want is a command board program that is complicated.”

ICx provides an interface that represents a traditional command board. There is configurable aspects throughout the application, ranging from assignments to benchmark checklists. ICx has built in timers to keep track of personnel working in assignments, as well as, keep track of time on SCBA or in IDLH. An incident log keeps track of all assignments and benchmarks for later review and reporting. A personnel accountability report (PAR) feature takes the lengthy process of PAR’s and simplifies it, and the MAYDAY feature is sure to assist commanders during the most stressful situation that occurs, a firefighter’s mayday.

A complimentary product to ICx is finishing development now. will be released this fall and will enable fire departments to manage rosters, schedule personnel, and adjust those items from mobile devices. ICx will sync automatically with to provide up-to-the-minute staffing on apparatus that are coming to your emergency scene. Finally, simple accountability for an incident commander.

ICx is currently available for a trial download at Batt3 says that the official product launch is October 1, 2012. They are currently pre-selling the program at an introductory price.

Batt3 will be at FireShowsReno this October demoing their product offering.