Five Nashville Firefighters on Leave for Alleged Sex Acts at Fire Station

Five Nashville firefighters (TN) are on paid leave and a suspected gang member has been arrested in a case that involves allegations of stripping and prostitution in a fire station, the drugging of a woman at a firefighter’s home and an attempt at extorting that firefighter, reports The Tennessean.

The case began when a 23-year-old woman on Saturday told Metro Police that she suspected she had been drugged when she went to a firefighter’s home. She also told police that she was at a fire station while someone stripped and another person performed sex acts for money.

When Metro Police questioned the firefighter in the drugging allegation, he told them that he was being extorted by a suspected Gangster Disciple gang member for his relationship with the woman. Metro Police arrested two men they say extorted Copeland, after a sting.

Meanwhile, the Nashville Fire Department has suspended Copeland with pay. They also suspended with pay Station 24’s entire A shift.

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