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NC Fire Department Releases Internal Report on Firefighter LODD

Earlier this week, the Asheville (NC) Fire Department released its internal report on the 2011 death of Fire Captain Jeff Bowen in an arson fire. Nine other firefighters were also injured in that incident.

The Citizen-Times reported ( that the department will be making changes in the coming weeks as to how it uses some resources in ongoing effort to improve operations.

Chief Scott Burnette reviewed some of the changes the department has planned during a presentation for City Council’s Public Safety Committee on Monday.

The internal report details what happened at the fire scene and provides 160 recommendations for improving fire response. It also incorporates previous reports, including one by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health that was released to the public last week.

The federal report’s recommendations included making sure that firefighters are trained in air management and in out-of-air emergencies involving self-contained breathing apparatus.

The department already has implemented some of the recommendations, including training for out-of-air emergencies.

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