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Public Safety Diving and Firefighting: The Parallels of Self-Rescue

Issue 9 and Volume 165.

BY BRIAN BRUSH Today’s fire service is a multidisciplined operation—fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, technical rescue, and so on. Shortsighted firefighters will say that these demands compromise our abilities and time and that we should focus on our title mission of fire. I agree in part, but the simple fact is, fire gave our profession the start, but commitment to service will keep our future bright. Exploring new disciplines will enable us to apply the knowledge we acquired from outside our traditional operations to our fundamental fire duties. In 2009, my department added a truck company to the dive team station. I saw an opportunity to try a specialty I had not yet experienced. The dive team primarily trained on duty, a nice compromise that permitted members to remain active and have time at home with the family. I grew up on the rivers and in the ocean…

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