Firefighter Training, Water & Ice Rescue

The Dive Tender’s Roles in Public Safety Diving

Issue 9 and Volume 165.

BY WALT “BUTCH” HENDRICK AND ANDREA ZAFERES As we talk about public safety diving (PSD), we hear a lot about the divers and their training or the types of equipment divers need to get the job done safely. But tenders often get lost in the shuffle. There are those who say you can take anyone off the street, hand them a tether line, and make them a tender. What do tenders do after all? They get divers items they might have forgotten or need and then they just hold the diver’s safety line and tell him when to change direction. They then bring the diver up every so often to check his air. It sounds very simple. There are others who believe a confident, well-trained tender may be the most important person on the dive scene, especially as it pertains to the diver’s safety and search effectiveness. This article addresses…

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