Firefighter Training, Firefighting

RIT Communications, Activities, and Deployments at Structural Fires

Issue 9 and Volume 165.

By MIKE MASON In the dynamic world of fire-ground operations involving aggressive firefighting concentrated in offensive procedures, rapid intervention crews (RICs) and their operations sometimes need understanding, revisions, and additional considerations. This is based on training and input provided by many members at seminars and hands-on training throughout the country. Many questions are asked of our national lecturers and instructors on how certain things work for one department vs. another; one size does not fit all departments regarding the many scenarios presented to them at incidents. There are many misconceptions of terminology, and we are asked consistently about departments’ abilities to protect their own. Figure 1. The five important communication areas during a Mayday requiring same fireground channel communications. A Mayday may require throughout its duration up to the rescue of the distressed firefighter and his removal from an IDLH environment all of the above communications links. The addition of…

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