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“Nice” School, Part 3: Mabel Management

Issue 9 and Volume 165.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI Last month we discussed that we consistently saw the behaviors of respect, consideration, kindness, and patience when we watched the superstars deliver service to a customer. We also had an active conversation with our troops about what it was like to extend those positive behaviors when they were delivering service in the street. Those discussions were very interesting to me because the positive five-star service guys and gals were a little surprised that the crazy old fire chief and his gang were asking them about how they did what they did so well. Many of the firefighters we talked to have never consciously or deliberately thought much about these behaviors. When we had the discussion and asked them why they treated Mrs. Smith so well, many times they said they were “just doing their job.” Many others would say that if you work for Captain Nice (as…

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