Country Music Star Bucky Covington Helps IAFF Charitable Foundation

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American Idol finalist and country music artist Bucky Covington is sharing a piece of his rising fame to help firefighters and their families. Covington will release his second album, Good Guys, next week. A portion of the proceeds from the first week’s sales will benefit the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Charitable Foundation and Help the Good Guys, a non-profit organized to honor and support professional firefighters.

“Bucky Covington is a great country music singer who is doing a great thing for firefighters,” says Harold Schaitberger, General President of the IAFF.

Throughout his rise to fame, Covington has worked closely with Help the Good Guys and the IAFF Charitable Foundation by hosting benefit events, visiting burn centers and burn camps and making donations from his music and merchandise sales.

“Firefighters risk their lives to protect the public, running into burning buildings, always putting the public’s needs before their own. They make what I do look easy,” says Covington. “If I can sing a few songs and raise money for a family in need, I consider it a small thing compared to what they do each day.”

Covington also has authorized a special IAFF edition Good Guys CD containing two bonus tracks, which can be purchased exclusively through the Help the Good Guys web site (www.helpthegoodguys.com). All proceeds from the sale of this special edition CD and T-shirts sold through the Help the Good Guys web site will be donated to the IAFF Charitable Foundation.

The IAFF Charitable Foundation’s mission is to support IAFF members and their families in their time of need, promote fire and burn prevention and advocate for firefighter health and safety. When disaster strikes, the IAFF Foundation provides financial and other assistance to IAFF members who suffer hardship following a federally declared emergency. When an IAFF member is killed in the line of duty, the IAFF Foundation provides support and assistance for the families and offers funding for children of the fallen to pursue post-secondary education.

“When a firefighter is in need–whether suffering financial hardship as the result of a natural or man-made disaster or is injured or killed in the line of duty–anything we can do to help them I consider a success,” says Mickey Milam, founder of Help the Good Guys.

The IAFF, headquartered in Washington, represents more than 300,000 full-time professional firefighters and paramedics in North America and is the leading advocate for the health and safety of firefighters. More information is available at www.iaff.org