Fire Prevention & Protection

New Software Package Enables Faster Fire Alerts

Status Solutions has developed a packaged situational awareness solution for enhanced alerting/mass notification for fire-related emergencies. SARA’s Fire Alerting Package includes the company’s Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA), an automated alerting engine that can be integrated with fire panels so detailed voice and text alerts then can be sent to designated communication devices for faster, more efficient emergency response.

“Unfortunately most people don’t acknowledge or act upon a fire alarm unless they get specific information — sirens and strobe lights only signal an emergency, but they don’t tell you where the fire is or where the exits are,” explains Kris Kuty, senior solutions manager for Status Solutions. “We decided to make a SARA-based software package available to our resellers with fire practices, such as Koorsen Fire & Security. With this solution, facility managers and occupants can receive detailed alerts automatically if a fire occurs, and those alerts can be delivered via multiple communication channels for redundancy.”

With SARA, the right information gets to the right people in real time on the right devices, including smart phones, landlines, pagers, emails, computer screens, PA systems, etc. Immediate, local alerting for fire alarms through SARA’s Fire Alerting Package includes:

·      The unique Voice of SARA text-to-speech capability

·      SARA’s eMessenger for pop-up alerts on PC screens

·      Integration to current technology infrastructure

·      Automatic notifications to key individuals, select groups or entire populations

The solution can be deployed in a variety of environments – from boutique senior living communities, retail outlets and schools to manufacturing facilities and corporate complexes.

For more information about SARA’s Fire Alerting Package, call 866.846.7272, ext. 782, or email [email protected]