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Silent Knight Supports Fire Fighter Training Facility

Silent Knight by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announces its Farenhyt IFP-50 fire alarm control panel is now part of the West Islip Fire Department’s regular training regimen. With the support of local fire and security integrator, Checkmate Security, Babylon, N.Y., the fire department’s training facility has a new, fully-functioning fire alarm system.

The West Islip training facility comprises a variety of rooms and objects to help fire fighters simulate a realistic rescue within a residential or commercial building. Recordings of people’s voices, crying babies and the loud crackle of fire, coupled with heavy, smoke-like steam and removable floor planks to simulate burned-through holes help new and seasoned fire fighters train for nearly any imaginable situation. However, the ability to interact with a commercial fire alarm system was not an option until Checkmate’s President, Bill Havdoglous, offered a solution.

“We’ve put in a lot of Silent Knight systems all over the county, so it just made sense to ensure our fire department knows basic operations and how to get useful information from the panel,” says Havdoglous.

Checkmate installed an addressable Farenhyt IFP-50 fire alarm control panel from Silent Knight, complete with detectors, pull stations and horn/strobes — parts and labor all free-of-charge. During system setup, Havdoglous programmed the system himself, making certain all component and location identifiers were labeled realistically.

“These systems can tell you the location, direction and severity of a fire, IF you know what to look for,” says Havdoglous.

Utilizing the training facility at least twice each week, this all-volunteer Fire Department takes its training seriously, according to West Islip Fire Commissioner and Captain, Joe Badala.

“We’re looking to gain a better understanding of these systems and the information they offer. Differentiating a real fire from burnt toast or an alarm from smoke versus CO (carbon monoxide) can give us a good head start on our response, instead of going in blind,” says Badala.

To illustrate how realistic West Islip’s fire fighter training can be, Silent Knight Regional Manager Ray Reilly was suited-up and put through a condensed version of a regular drill to enter a dark, unknown building, then locate and rescue a 180 lb. body. All Silent Knight systems, including the IFP-50, offer one unique feature Reilly affirms as being particularly beneficial to fire fighters and installers alike.

“There’s an input/output control function that allows someone to activate an input, like a smoke detector, and observe the response of corresponding horns, strobes or whatever outputs are tied to that device,” says Reilly. “It’s not a listed means of testing a device, but it’s a simple way to simulate an actual alarm.”

“We take what we do very seriously and having this Silent Knight system just takes our training to the next level,” says Badala.

Information on Farenhyt fire alarm systems from Silent Knight is available online at For a product demonstration, contact a local Silent Knight Regional Sales Manager or call 203-484-7161.