Flashover Injures Indiana Firefighters

Three Gary (IN) firefighters were treated after being blown down the stairway of a burning, vacant two-story building, reports The Times of Northwest Indiana.

The firefighters were in the storefront building at 1545 Delaware St., which has apartments on the upper level, when they were blown down the stairs by a flashover.

Capt. Timothy Haines, a 21-year veteran of the Gary Fire Department, was taken by ambulance to the Loyola University Hospital burn center in Maywood, a fire official said. Haines, who is in stable condition, suffered second-degree burns to his left hand, a burn on the top of his head and a cut on his head, Division chief James Stanton said.

Firefighter Jonathan Kalina, a seven-year department veteran, was treated at a local hospital for a contusion on his left arm, Stanton said.

A 14-year department veteran, Engineer Robert Grady, also was treated locally for burns to his ears and neck, Stanton said. The fourth firefighter in the stairwell was not injured.

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