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Quality Hoseline Management for a Better Forward Advance

Issue 10 and Volume 165.

BY RAY McCORMACK Hoseline placement is a choice subject these days, with options from the front door, rear door, or side entrances. Windows, however, don’t count because hoseline advances don’t take place there, at least not typically. The unspoken problems of transitional attack (from exterior to interior attack) and using the same line for both are the likelihood of numerous kinks in the line when the line is finally brought back to the entrance door and that the line will most likely also suffer from a poor layout position unless efforts are taken to correct both. Engine companies that stretch their hoseline to the entrance door and do not position it for a rapid interior advance are doing only a portion of what is required and are setting themselves up for a more difficult and frustrating interior advance. When you encounter a fire at street level, the lead length of…

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