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Increasing the Effectiveness of the Triple or Preconnected Hose Load

Issue 10 and Volume 165.

By Tom Sitz We transitioned from the minuteman preconnected hose load to the triple or “S” hose load for our preconnects in the mid 1990s. The selling point for this new hose load was that it was designed for a one-firefighter stretch without the need to flake out the line. Once deployed, it was supposed to be kink free and ready for water once the nozzle reached the door. As it turned out, this is not always the case. Like any hose load, there are advantages and disadvantages. My company consistently spends more than 100 hours a year training just on engine company operations. We found that this load works best with a two-firefighter stretch and that you can really increase its efficiency by slightly modifying how you finish the load. We believe we have identified and corrected some of the shortcomings of this hose load. For this article, I…

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